EAS Lithium Battery Systems

Proven lithium phosphate technology, lightweight, powerful, fast charge, maintenance free and long-lasting. Lithium phosphate is the safest lithium battery type. LiFePo4, LFP, LFMP


EAS  supplies safe reliable lithium battery systems to individuals and businesses for the following applications: 

  • 12V/24V Lithium Marine House battery systems

  • 12V/24V Lithium coach batteries Recreational vehicles

  • 72V-400V Lithium traction batteries for battery Electric cars, trucks and boats.

  • 36V-72V lithium traction batteries for lithium electric forklift,  industrial vehicles

  • 72V-96V Lithium batteries for Electric Utility Vehicles

  • Lithium batteries for Electric Golf Cars

  • Large format lithium batteries for Stand-by & remote power installations


 EAS lithium battery systems have been used in:  Lithium Electric Vehicle conversions, Lithium Hybrid electric vehicles, Lithium battery powered ATV's, lithium deep cycle house batteries for Yachts, Lithium powered Electric Sailboats, Lithium Coach battery for RV's, lithium powered electric tractors,  Large portable 3D Movie Cameras, HD camera and sound equipment. We have satisfied clients all over North America. 

Most sizes are in stock in Vancouver and ship world wide.

Contact EAS and let us help power your project or equipment with lithium. No job is too small or too large. With many years of experience building and supplying battery systems our team will ensure powerfull results.